Do you know that your air compressor will leak?

Do you know that your air compressor will leak?

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A lot of air compressors have run out of oil, in the actual process, found that most of the complaints are not caused by the quality of the oil problem. So, in addition to oil quality problems, what are the reasons leading to oil run? Our air compressor engineers in practice summed up a number of situations will also lead to the reasons for running oil, and below to share with you...
Oil and gas separation tank design is not standard
Some of the air compressor manufacturers, in the design of oil and gas separation tank, primary separation system design is unreasonable, the primary separation effect is not ideal, the oil mist concentration before the oil content is very high, oil overload, lack of processing capacity, resulting in high fuel consumption.
Over oiling
The gas amount exceeds the normal level, part of the oil taken away with the air, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.
Gas consumption, low pressure overload
The use of low voltage load refers to the user to use air compressor, air compressor exhaust pressure did not reach the rated working pressure, but some enterprise users can basically meet the requirements of the air, for example: enterprise users increased by gas equipment, gas consumption increases, the air compressor exhaust and gas users unable to achieve the balance, hypothesis air compressor rated pressure of 8kg/cm2, but the actual use of the pressure is only 5kg/cm2 or less, so the air compressor in the long-term load, the rated pressure machine can not reach the value of the resulting fuel consumption increases, the reason is the same in exhaust conditions, oil and gas mixture through the oil when the flow speed, high oil mist concentration so, the oil load, resulting in high fuel consumption.
Oil return pipe blockage
When the oil return pipeline (including the back check valve on the oil pipe and oil filter blockage), after the separation of cohesion in the oil at the bottom of the oil would not go back to the nose, has condensed oil droplets and is blown up with the separation of the air was taken together. These foreign bodies are usually caused by solid impurities falling from the installation.
Oil return valve damage
If the oil return one-way valve damage (by one-way pass into two-way), after stopping the oil tank pressure will be a lot of oil through the oil return pipe to the inside, next time when the machine is running, the oil inside the oil will not be sucked back in time to head, part of the oil with the separation of the air to air the press outside (which is common in the non oil device cut-off valve and the exhaust outlet of the one-way valve head machine).
Improper installation of return pipe
In the replacement, cleaning and maintenance of air compressor, oil return pipe not inserted into the bottom of the oil from the oil (Reference: bottom arc core (1~2mm, lead to better) the separated oil can not be promptly returned to the nose, the accumulation of oil will run off together with compressed air.
Minimum pressure valve failure
If the minimum pressure valve seal of a leak or minimum pressure valve open early (due to the manufacturer to design the opening pressure is different, usually in the range of 3.5~5.5kg/cm2), then the machine running in the early establishment of oil tank pressure will increase, the gas oil mist concentration low pressure oil flow through the high, fast oil, load, separation effect is reduced, resulting in high fuel consumption.
Know the reasons for the above experts, we know why your air compressor oil spill?
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